A section is a contiguous subset of a song that repeats, either a specific number of times or indefinitely. Sections are useful for introductions, endings, interludes, vamps, breaks, etc. A section with a repeat count greater than zero loops the specified number of times, unless it's exited prematurely via the Next Section command. A section with a repeat count of zero loops forever, or until it's exited via the Next Section command. In both the chart view and song file format, a section is indicated by enclosing one or more chords in square brackets. A song can contain any number of sections, but sections can't overlap, and can't be nested.

The section-related commands are located on the Section submenu of the Edit menu. The Section submenu is also available from the chart view's context menu. To create a new section containing the selected chords, use Section Create. To delete an existing section, use Section Delete. To edit a section's properties, including its repeat count, use Section Properties. To view a list of all the current sections, use Section List. Advanced users may prefer to create or modify sections by editing the song as text. To spontaneously repeat one or more measures, use tagging instead of sections.