Several ChordEase parameters are relative durations that scale with tempo, just like note durations. The unit of a duration is whole notes, i.e. a duration of one equals a whole note. Durations are usually expressed as fractions of a whole note. Duration parameters include harmonic anticipation, arpeggio period, and bass approach length.

A special type of combo box is provided for specifying durations. Common values are selectable via the drop list. Alternatively a fraction or a floating-point value can be typed in the edit box. Triplet values can be specified by preceding the fraction with the letter T, e.g. T1/4 for a triplet quarter note. Dotted notation is also supported: the first dot increases the value by half, a second dot increases it by an additional quarter, and so on. For example 1/2. equals 3/4, 1/2.. equals 7/8, etc. Negative values may be accepted, depending on the parameter. For triplet values, the minus sign must precede the T, e.g. −T1/4. The table below lists some common durations.

T1/1triplet whole (2/3)
T1/2triplet half (1/3)
T1/4triplet quarter (1/6)
T1/8triplet eighth (1/12)
T1/16triplet sixteenth (1/24)
T1/32triplet thirty-second (1/48)

Durations are displayed as fractions if they can be represented using a denominator that's a reasonably small power of two, otherwise they're shown in floating-point notation. Durations can be specified very precisely, but the resulting actual durations may be considerably less precise; the achievable resolution depends on the current tempo and PPQ.