MIDI target list

Patch Targets
TempoFaderTempo, in beats per minute
Tempo MultipleFaderTempo multiplier
Tap TempoMomentarySet tempo via tapping
TransposeFaderKey transposition, in semitones
Lead-inFaderLead-in length, in measures
Tag LengthFaderLength of tag, in measures
Tag RepeatFaderTag repeat count, or zero for indefinite
Metro. EnableToggleEnable metronome
Metro. VolumeFaderOutput volume, or -1 if none
PlayTogglePlay or stop song
PauseTogglePause or resume song
RewindMomentaryRewind to start of song
RepeatToggleRepeat song
Next SectionMomentaryContinue to next section
Next ChordMomentarySkip forward to next chord
Previous ChordMomentarySkip backward to previous chord
Song PositionFaderSong position, in chords
Start TagMomentaryStart a tag ending on the current measure
Chord RootFaderCurrent chord's root
Chord TypeFaderCurrent chord's type
Chord BassFaderCurrent chord's bass note if any
Chord ScaleFaderCurrent chord's scale
Chord ModeFaderCurrent chord's mode
Chord DictionaryFaderSelect substitute chord dictionary
Part Targets
Part EnableToggleEnable this part
Part FunctionFaderPart mapping function
Input Zone LowFaderLowest note of input range
Input Zone HighFaderHighest note of input range
Input TransposeFaderInput transposition, in semitones
Input Vel. OffsetFaderInput note velocity offset
Input Non-DiatonicFaderHandling for non-diatonic input notes
Input CC NoteFaderNote input via continuous controller
Input CC Note VelocityFaderVelocity of note input via continuous controller
Output PatchFaderPatch number, or -1 if none
Output VolumeFaderOutput volume, or -1 if none
Output Harm. AnticipationFaderHarmonic anticipation, as fraction of whole note
Output Fix Held NotesToggleCorrect held notes that become non-diatonic
Bank Select MSBFaderMost significant byte of bank select, or -1 if none
Bank Select LSBFaderLeast significant byte of bank select, or -1 if none
Harmonizer IntervalFaderGeneric harmony interval, in diatonic steps
Harmonizer Omit MelodyToggleTrue if harmonizer should omit melody note
Harmonizer CrossingToggleTrue if harmony can cross melody
Harmonizer Static MinFaderMinimum static harmony interval, in semitones
Harmonizer Static MaxFaderMaximum static harmony interval, in semitones
Harmonizer Chord DegreeFaderConstrain harmony to chord of this diatonic degree
Harmonizer Chord SizeFaderConstrain harmony to chord of this size, in notes
Comp VoicingFaderChord voicing type
Comp VariationFaderChord variation scheme
Chord Resets AlternationToggleTrue if chord change resets variant alternation
Comp Arp PeriodFaderTime between arpeggio notes, in whole notes
Comp Arp Period QuantFaderTime between arpeggio notes, in quantized units
Comp Arp OrderFaderArpeggio note order
Comp Arp RepeatToggleTrue if arpeggio repeats; false for one-shot
Comp Arp AdaptToggleAdapt arpeggio to chord changes
Bass Lowest NoteFaderLowest bass note allowed
Bass Slash ChordsToggleRespect slash chord bass notes
Bass Approach LengthFaderFixed bass approach length, as fraction of whole note
Bass Approach TriggerMomentaryTrigger bass approach to target chord
Bass Target AlignmentFaderAlignment of triggered bass approach target, in measures
Auto PlayTogglePlay part automatically
Auto WindowFaderStart of auto-play pitch window
Auto VelocityFaderAuto-play note velocity