The editing commands are summarized in the table below. They're also available from the context menu.

UndoUndo the last action.Ctrl+Z
RedoRedo the last action.Ctrl+Y
CutCut the selection and put it on the Clipboard.Ctrl+X
CopyCopy the selection and put it on the Clipboard.Ctrl+C
PasteInsert the Clipboard contents.Ctrl+V
InsertInsert a new item.Insert
DeleteDelete the selection.Delete
Select AllSelect all items.Ctrl+A
RenameRename the selected item.F2

Note that the editing commands behave differently depending on which window within the application has focus. The possible cases are as follows:

Edit controlThe command operates on the text in the edit control.
Chart viewThe command operates on the chart view.
Parts listThe command operates on the parts list.