MIDI Note Mappings

This dialog lists the input to output note mapping for each part. The note mappings from all the parts, which are normally accessed separately, are merged. The resulting master list of note mappings can be useful for debugging your MIDI setup. Each row corresponds to a part. For each part, the input port, input channel, input zone, output port, and output channel are displayed, along with the mapping functions. These properties can be edited by selecting one or more rows and then choosing Properties from the context menu, or pressing Alt+Enter. To display the dialog, use MIDI/Note Mappings.


This dialog lets you edit certain properties of one or more parts. It's particularly useful for changing the port and/or channel settings of multiple parts at once. Any changes you make in the dialog are applied to all of the selected parts. If the selected parts currently have different values for a given property, that property will be blank in the dialog. To display the dialog, choose Properties from the MIDI Note Mappings dialog's context menu, or press Alt+Enter. You can also get to this dialog directly from the Parts List.